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Our electric bike has the perfect combination of speed and convenience which is great for getting around campus, navigating city streets, or cruising on bike paths. The shock absorption will keep your ride smooth while the motor effortlessly propels you to 20mph
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Electric Bike
Screenshot 2023-11-09 1.04.37 PM.png
Electric Go-Kart
Introducing our cutting-edge electric go-karts, which are designed to deliver an exciting and environmentally friendly racing experience. Our electric go-kart is the perfect blend of innovation and pleasure, setting the bar for eco-conscious thrill seekers,
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Electric One-Wheel
This electric one-wheel skateboard is made for a stable ride on all adventures and landscapes. A full charge allows for up to 32 miles of range whether it is a cruise on the beach or a city streets
The Tesla Cyberquad is a creative all-electric off-road vehicle that combines cutting-edge technology, amazing performance, and sustainable mobility. Travel into a future with more greenery.
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Our drone offers a powerful and versatile experience for detailed and vivid imagery. With its foldable and long-lasting battery, this drone is perfect for travel.
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Kids Cruiser
Whether you're cruising around the block or exploring the great outdoors, the kids cruiser is the perfect companion for endless fun and adventure.Savor the most intense and drippiest drive of your life at the same time.
Electric Scooter
a sleek and powerful ride that will take your travels to the next level. This high-performance electric motor allows you to reach speeds up to 15MPH and travel a distance of 10 miles with a single charge.
Take an exciting ride on our electric hoverboard. This futuristic and entertaining hoverboard is the ideal cutting-edge product. Glide effortlessly through your cities and streets, or your neighborhood park with our hoverboard
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Electric Longboard
Whether you are a thrill seeker or a casual rider, This electric skateboard is perfect as it accelerates up to 28MPH and has a board and wheels suitable for all terrains.
Screenshot 2023-11-09 1.03.36 PM.png
RC Car
The electric remote-control car not only delivers exceptional performance but also turns heads with its elegant and visually striking design. Release the speed demon within you and take command of your ride.
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Our self-balancing segway has a maximum range of 28 miles on a single charge. Reach speeds up to 12.4MPH on your daily commute or weekend exploration
Our DIRT BIKE is a high-performance off-road bike with a powerful motor offering a thrilling, eco-friendly experience. The lightweight frame makes it easy to maneuver on rugged terrains.
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